I welcome and invite you to Soul Feet Retreat. A tranquil healing center in Crescent City that will give you a place to melt in the higher levels of body rejuvenation and emotional rest and de-stress putting new life in your step and mindful awareness of your body balance with an elevated outlook of hope and peace with massage, acupressure, reflexology and cranial sacral therapy.

Connie at Soul Feet Retreat maintains the ability to pivot in light of new information in today’s world! Especially when lives depend on it, I honor and respect is the resonates at Soul Feet Retreat. Life is meant to be lived not feared offering services for de-stressing, relaxation, rejuvenation following health guidelines at Soul Feet Retreat.

If you have felt stress, fear, or frustration at any moment of these unprecedented times, you’re certainly not alone. But there’s been brilliant gems all along — if only we choose to look for it. Shining examples of the beauty and resilience of the human spirit are evident in the midst of it all. At Soul Feet, a new treatment room, state of art “color infused massage table”, new retail area with young Living products available in your session or in your order with your gift certificate, plus with every visit a splash of Thieves blend hand sanitizer.

The narrative of FEAR is not at Soul Feet, it is Awhhh RELAXATION! I am so pleased to offer YOU a retreat of safely, relaxation and peace in your day. Call me today, You deserve to have health and balance! Connie at Soul Feet Retreat 707-465-3029.